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litical pressure might mount against him. His legal status wa▓s a hot-topic of the election campaigns.It is important to note that because Netanyahu

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ountry," Netanyahu said

is now the ▓leader of an interim government, several lega▓l experts have questione

in a sta
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tement after the annou

d whether the law that allows a prime minister to remain in office under indictmen▓t is a

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of the attorney general.

pplicable to him.This matter has yet to be settled and leaves many question marks

"This i
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s an attempt to overthrow

about the legality of giving Netanyahu▓ the mandate to form a government."This is a sad▓ and difficult

a prime

minister through

legal means."Accord

day," said Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, as he announced the decision. "It w

ing to I▓sraeli law, a prim

as a difficult decision for me. I decided this with a heavy but confident heart."Netanyahu, Is

e minister is not required

rael's longest serving leader, is now in a difficult position. After two failed attempts

▓ to resign if indicted

▓to form a government, the heavy weight of an▓ indictment has the potential of crippl

. He c

an remain in power

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ing him when he is trying to recruit potential coalition par▓tners.Netanyahu currently leads

a bloc of r▓ight-wing and ultra-orthodox Jewish▓ parties who have vowed to stand behind him ev▓en if he is indicted.As the leader of the ▓Likud party, Netanyahu's govern until now has been stead▓fast with no real contestant to his leadership within the party.Now, as the indictment becom▓es


il a final verdict is

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official, it remains to be seen whether members of his party will dare to run against him.Israel

is now in a period of 21 days during which anyone who can enlist a majority of parliament▓ members can attempt to form a government.However, if Netanyahu's position in the Likud r▓emains strong, it could be years before he is ousted."He will hang in there and tell the public that he is innocent until proven guilty," ▓said Gideon

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